Thursday, 30 May 2013

The Bra That Got Away

Every woman should have a Rigby & Pellar moment. They are suppliers to the Queen and have a made-to-measure service as well as a special selection for single or double masectomies. But most of all they have extremely knowledgeable staff who are guaranteed to make you feel so completely special. They don't use measuring tapes because they don't need to. They are like a reputable version of the Fonz.
"The Fonz" Statue
You have your own luxurious dressing room. A lovely woman brings you bras from special drawers in the perfect size for you and then puts them on you. She adjusts the straps and the way you are...filling...the cup and then you both inspect the result in the full length mirror. There is no pressure at all and once she knows what you like she goes and gets more beautiful bras and helps you try those on too. You make your choice and she then brings you a selection of matching knickers. Once you are all finished you are wafted back to the front desk and see your delicious purchases being carefully wrapped in crisp tissue paper. The transaction takes place and she hands over the cherry on the cake - the bag.
Rigby and Pellar Bag
And then you get home and you get the pleasure of opening that bag...
...and take out the delicate parcels.
Tissue Parcels
Then you get to rediscover your purchases and really examine them in detail.
It is the quality of the materials and the finishing that makes such a difference.
Bra Lace Detail 2
And the cut of course. The two bras I bought about five years ago are still in excellent condition despite much use.
Bra Lace Detail
So indulgant.
Bra Detail
And yet on the other hand strictly utilitarian. Afterall - one cannot move to Japan without suitable underwear. I am built on the british scale rather than the japanese one so doubt much of the clothing there will be designed for my particular measurements.

Despite my joy with the two bras I came away with (tempered by my gulp at the total cost - this is not a cheap place to shop hence my spacing my visits out) there was one that got left behind. It was not a substantial bra. It was black with lace and this material which had sparkly bits somehow embedded in it in such a cunning way you just know it is expensive to do. It had straps with lace coming off them and on seeing myself in the mirror all I could think was "Rapunzel".
I was very struck by the story as a child as the long hair I currently sport reflects my early look. My final project at Art College was based around the idea of long hair and I've always been a huge Mucha fan.
The bra was nothing to do with hair (probably for the best) but it did make me feel like a fairytale princess! But is also cost as much as both the other bras put together. I can't justify the cost, can I. Can I? I'm quite sure I can't. Quite sure. Quite sure I can...'t.

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Anonymous said...

I would bet that they do not make a single bra out of cotton either. In warm, humid weather, nylon/polyester bras are absolute murder.

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