Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Thinking About Japan

It is 70% likely I will have the chance to go to live in Japan for a year - in or near to Tokyo. This is clearly a big thing. I have known about it for a week or two but I only started taking it seriously yesterday lunchtime. There's a lot to think about.
Japanese craft book mosaic
I have never been there myself but know the sorts of things most people know. 
Traditional japan Mosaic
The biggest stumbling block is being dependant on someone else for a year. I am not psychologically compatible with the idea of being a kept woman. 

I would really like to be though. 

If you heard it was 70% likely to rain, you'd take your umbrella. They have umbrella lockers in Tokyo. 
Umbrella locker
And umbrella vending machines. It makes you wonder - they don't even have those in Manchester, and it's always raining there. 


Rosie said...

Would it count as being a "kept woman" if you spent your time there researching a book on/writing articles on Japanese crafting and aesthetics? (And, of course, liaising with suppliers to try an umbrella-vending machine franchise....)

Becky said...

Oh my goodness - you must must go. That is such a great opportunity and trust me a year will fly by. We came to live in Oman for a year or two and we have been here for 8 years now. Living abroad is such a wonderful experience, you can immerse yourself in a different culture and there is so much to learn. The crafting will be AMAZING and that is not to be sniffed at. Also we were just talking about going to live in Japan so it's got to be a good decision. I hope you can do it - you will love it so much and honestly being a kept woman is not as bad as you'd think !

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