Saturday, 8 June 2013


When I found out the Japan was possible I made a list of projects I wanted to finish before I left. I can now cross two more off that list.
Blanket Corner
Back in early September I had sewn the pieces together from a jelly roll. Today I got them out again and decided that instead of strips, I needed squares.

A little cutting and sewing and there you have it! I kept it really simple because I want it to be used and the fussier a quilt is that more in awe people seem to be of using it. I just used a simple cotton polka dot on the back. No quilting. All done. 
Patchwork Blanket
Before I sewed the pieces together I did take the opportunity to take the kind of photo I have admire on other blogs.
Illuminated Patchwork Quilt Top
Isn't that beautiful? I think unbacked patchwork would make a lovely alternative to a net curtain.

My other finish is a project where I wanted to make 'something' with the selvages I'd been hoarding. At the same time I started lining them up I found out...I am going to Tokyo on Tuesday! So I decided on a project bag. 
This is a close up of the back. There were a few fabrics where I used an inch or so of the pattern as well as the selvage and I'm really glad I did that with this spool fabric. 
Selvedge Detail
This side is not exactly centred. Ahem. 
Selvedge Frame Purse 2
The frame is a 6" or so one and I will add a wrist strap but I need to find the right thing to use. 

So yes - Tokyo on Tuesday! Only for a few days to see how it is and Pooch is coming too which I am very happy about. But what project to take with me? I am back on with Mum's lace shawl and now have the metres of edging to add. That might well be one which comes with me but I'm also wondering about a bit of sewing. Might be handy for if I wake up with jetlag but don't feel awake enough for lace knitting. 


AmandaK@whatthebobbin said...

Pretty quilt top!

Kay said...

Your one of a kind selvedge bag is stunning. Enjoy Japan. I would take some hexies to sew.

Wendy said...

wow, that quilt top is wonderful! I'm so jealous about your trip to Japan, I'd love to go

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