Friday, 21 June 2013

Japan Part 2

One cannot go all the way to Tokyo and not check out the craft side of things. At the very least I needed to find out how availability and prices compared. I wasn't disappointed. My first stop was Tokyu Hands. Pooch was the one to hear about this and had been there before. This gives you an idea of what is on offer.
Tokyu Hands Store Guide
It was all pretty cool with lots of yummy things. This took me back to my childhood.
Tokyu Hands Stickers
Then there was fabric - not a huge selection but some nice ones.
Tokyu Hands Fabric
I was also surprised how much leather was available.
Tokyu Hands Leather
And this caught my eye!
Singer Sewing Machine
Isn't it beautiful?! They also had a little bit of yarn but overall nothing really leapt out at me. It was kind of like John Lewis - all very orderly and well chosen. It wasn't until we got to a place I'd seen online that that changed.

The place in question is Okadaya. It was AMAZING! Unfortunately they didn't allow photos indoors although this photo on Flickr is of one aisle on the yarn floor. Yep - whole floor. When the life doors opened and I saw it I felt I'd found a new home. I felt a bit frantic that I didn't have hours to spend there and had to tear around all the floors. It was all nooks and corners and so many types of crafts and so many variations. Delicious. I managed to come away with just this...
3 balls of each for a shawl, and these:
I have already made the heart one which is for a swap. The other is also a present but I suspect the recipient would prefer to make it themself.

Lastly there was one less successful outing. I had heard some time ago of a button museum in Tokyo and so I looked it up and resolved to go there. It was quite off the beaten track, it was pouring with rain and howling with wind and Pooch and I were both tired. Pooch was a miracle worker and got us both there despite multiple set-backs. This is him when we arrived.
Pooch crying with laughter
Just to clarify he's wiping his eyes after crying with laughter because of all we'd been through to find it and the sign behind him says the museum is closed for renovation.
Tokyo Button Museum
Such a shame.

So thus concludes my tales of Japan. It was an amazing few days and I'm looking forward to spending more time there in the future.


Becky said...

I am so glad that you enjoyed it. I'm envious of a whole floor of yarn to choose from - here you are lucky if you get a few balls of acrylic on offer !!! I look forward to hearing about all your adventures to come xxxx

Cate said...

Aaaah, i loved Tokyu Hands, so much random stuff to look at! i hope you do get to Japan, i'll be checking back to read about it! Cate, x

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