Saturday, 1 June 2013

Oo La La - Care Package from France

I picked up a parcel from the sorting office yesterday evening. I then got on the wrong bus home which takes twice as long as the other one and which in any case got held up for half an hour extra by six royal navy boats complete with saluting crew going into Canary Wharf dock through an area usually covered by a bridge which had been raised for the purpose. So imagine my delight when I grumpily slumped on the sofa and wrestled it open.
Presents from France
See those chocolates? Real belgian ones. I adore praline shells. So much so in fact that last night I invented a device in my head that no house should be without. Because when I have opened a box I am pretty much incapable of letting it out of my sight until it is finished. Much like a cat with a sausage. My invention is a time-lock kitchen cupboard. Or I suppose a tupperware would do. But one which you couldn't open for a set period of time after you'd closed it. That way I could force myself to wait an hour between chocolates. Or at least 10 minutes. This actually doesn't exist - I have googled and come up empty. 20 hours later and there are still 4 left. This is a new Byrne record.

The arrival of this care package (form my lovely cousin) coincides with the finish of the cushion cover I have been making for her since I got back from a visit in March. Inspired by this window...
Stained Glass Window
...I bring you the cushion!
Deb Cushion Front
The front was english paper pieced and hand sewn.
Paper Pieced Patchwork Detail
A few of the fabrics were peacock-based and one had these huge peacocks on.
Peacock Fabric Detail
I fussy cut a square with one on to base the back around then wonky log-cabined it.
Deb Cushion Back
It will be going in the post to them next week. Aurevoir coussin!


Anonymous said...

That cushion is beautiful--your cousin is quite lucky. Unlike the chocolates, she'll be able to keep coming back to it!


Deb said...

Certainly very lucky to have the gorgeous cushion and exceptionally lucky to have someone as wonderful as Little Lixie for my cousin! Once again the words 'amazing' and talented' spring to mind. Thank you SO much, ma belle cadette. D XX

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