Tuesday, 25 June 2013


Last weekend was a very busy one for me. Two social activities! I don't know how I coped. The first was with my favourite little boy - provided courtesy of Nickerjac who has not been at all well. I am always so grateful to friends who provide me with little people to play with. They (the little ones) are so much less judgemental when I decide to be a dinosaur for a while or win the grand national.
I was quite amazed to see one of these in  the Park.
I am not saying it is the exact same one as appeared in Herne Bay playground circa 1983 but it must be a close relation, and I've never seen one anywhere else. The pelvic thrusting necessary to get it to move was probably good for my back too. However, after no less than two playgrounds, a McDonalds, several buses and an ice cream I was shattered and regretfully dropped him back home. Then later that day my littlest sister arrived Chez Byrne to stay the night and eat one of Pooch's roast lunches on Sunday.

While looking for my first-past-the-post picture I found a couple of others I'd been meaning to share. When I wailed to Pooch that I had discovered Pepsi Max was not sold in Japan (SERIOUS issue, people) he told me maybe I'd take a liking for the sweat they drink instead. Sweat. I assumed he was joking.
Pocari Sweat
No, I didn't taste it. Then finally on this, the day of my sister's birthday, I give you Jasmine who is rapidly becoming the little scientist I intend to mold her into. You can tell from the outfit.
Another small child provided for me by someone else. My little niece models a handknit cardigan and hat. The cardigan is shaped a la Pigeon Street circa 1985 and has side buttons. The matching hat has two of the worst pom poms the world has ever seen on it. I know not about the jeans but the shoes are a source on controversy.

Pooch, you will not be surprised to hear, is not so good with babies. He likes children once they start doing stuff but until that point he is uneasy. It is fortunate I do not have a hankering for my own since Pooch would be a positive hindrance during the birth and during the first 18 months. He would need gas and air throughout. However, I do my ex-wifely duty by buying things on his behalf for the children of friends which he can then hand over. The kermit shoes are one of these items. My sister frequently talks about how they are her favourite item of Jasmine's wardrobe and how wonderful and thoughtful it was of Pooch while all the time I sit there hiding my tooth grinding behind my rictus of a smile.


Knit Nurse said...

OMG which playground?! Used to love those horses, my favourite being found in the park in Halifax where my gran used to live, alongside a whole host of potentially lethal playground equipment (policemans helmet roundabout, swing boats, etc) - it was like having your own fairground!

claireinstitches said...

There is an organisation dedicated to these playground horses!


We spent hours as children in The Quarry, Shrewsbury. Although the play area still exists all of the 'traditional' rides have been replaced :(

Becky said...

Pocari Sweat is a regular beverage in our house. I hate the tast but the children like it (it is supposed to be grapefruit) but we drink it because it replaces all those salts your body looses when it sweats profusely - revolting name though !!!! I must say though that it does work - just wish it tasted better !

Knit Nurse said...

wow claire that website is awesome!

Wendy said...

no, your horse wasn't a one off, I remember several parks with them as a kid, I remember them being really hard to work!

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