Wednesday, 17 July 2013

A New Quilt

I am doing very well at crafting from stash. I don't think I've bought anything for a project for...oh wait, I got that yarn in Japan. Well I haven't bought any fabric for a long time. Not that I've managed to make much of a dent in what I have considering I've been doing a lot of projects that only need small amounts. I was put off starting another quilt because I didn't know what to do with it afterwards but I decided to go ahead on the basis of the build-it-they-will-come philosophy. A recipient will turn up.
kevin costner

So I am going with a zig zag quilt.
4 Zig Zag Quilts
I have always liked them but I have never liked sewing triangles. Actually, I don't really like them at all. Except as Laughing Cow.
Eight Laughing Cows
Then I found a tutorial for making the zigs without triangles, using rectangles instead. So...
Fabric stash
This isn't all my fabric. It is just the fat quarters that fitted into little colour families. Having chosen to stripe coloured with white I started cutting.
Stack of cut fabric
So far I've sewn 3 stripes worth of blocks.
I'm using up the larger scraps and also making an in road on a lot of fat quarters. Still leaves lots for other projects though!

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Anonymous said...

Recipient you say? I heard from some crafting blog gossip on the web that you have a new niece that might need one when she no longer needs her crib. :-) Especially one with extra love stitched into it. Just a thought. :-)

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