Thursday, 25 July 2013

Angel Niece

Last week my sister sent me this photo of Jasmine, as she put, if she had been in Fame.
Jasmine hairband
Swoon. She's so cute! And she's really got that whole smiling thing going on. My sister's NCT group did a questionnaire at their last meet up to see what kind of baby they had. 'Spirited' meant grumpy and then there were a whole load of others but Jasmine came out as an angel baby. She is *so* well behaved. (Can you tell I'm one of those really proud, gushy aunts?) She sleeps from 7pm til 5am most days with just one feed during the night. She hardly ever cries and she's very happy to be cuddled by numerous fawning family members such as myself. We took her to lunch yesterday at a Marco Pierre White place in Somerset.
Jasmine smiling
Angel baby. Even Pooch admitted she was a lovely child although every time she looked at him she frowned as if she couldn't quite work out what he was. She loves the stars on her car seat canopy.
Jasmine car seat
And Astrophysics is one of my particular interests so I shall be looking to encourage this in the future.

As always I asked if anything was needed that I could make for them. Sian requested a play mat that turns into a bag (NCT Mum envy apparently). Pooch was initially interested in the project while he thought she was talking about some kind of Transformer, but less so when I mentioned drawstrings.
Transformers Starscream Revoltech
A little research and...
This seems to be the kind of thing she meant. I envisage the inside as a circle with grass, flowers, a road (for cars - obviously), a house and a tree. Oh and of course a sun. You know the kind of thing.
Mims House
But in fabric.

The Pear Tree Inn (the lunch place) was very nice by the way and we had a main each, two puddings between three and soft drinks for £15 a head. I'd recommend it if you happen to be in the middle of nowhere.

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Anonymous said...

Cute? I wouldn't say that. I would say DEADLY! :-)

(Cute enough to kill in other words)

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