Monday, 15 July 2013

Hops and Swaps

Usually I am quite content to send off whatever I have made for a hop - safe in the knowledge I'll be getting something good back again. With the Triple Zip Purse Swap though I *really* want to keep this, even though I know I'll be getting one in the post.
Triple Zip Purse Front
The free pattern calls for simple cuts of fabric in a single pattern but I wanted to try a quilt as you go technique I'd seen online and this seemed like a good opportunity. I love how it has turned out!
Triple Zip Purse Back
It is perfect for scraps which I seem to have a vast amount of. I want to start another one now but I must wait until I get my one first.

The second purse I've finished didn't have to be a purse but I thought it suitable for my Partner in the Super Swaps 7 Swap where you needed to make a surprise item using embellishments. From my Partner's comments and favourites I have come up with this.
Embellishment purse
She likes birds too.
Embellishment purse 2
A few extra made it onto the lining.
Inside of purse

Then finally I made a Mug Rug for the Modern Scrappy Swap. This used my Partner's requested colours and again took inspiration from her favourites.
Front of mug rug
I rather like these, having originally thought them a bit stupid. It is essentially a big coaster with room for a few biscuits next to the mug. Those american crafters - always thinking. I've started making another using the same design but different colours for my Psychiatrist. I haven't seen him for about 2 years now (no need - I'm as sane as I get) but he likes updates from his old patients and it struck me he'd like one.

Having met the requirements for these swap I decided to sign up for the Hexie Bloghop in August. They are very clever the way they make use of Pinterest - not that I need much encouragement. One of the Boards they suggested following had this pattern which combines diamonds with hexagons.
I am very taken with it. I do love EPP and all I need to decide now is what to make with the resulting fabric. I did wonder - perhaps a skirt?

Don't forget all those craft books on ebay - still time to grab a bargain.


Wendy said...

I can see why you want to keep it, that's a fab pouch!

Whilst an EPP skirt would look amazing, wouldn't it be a bit bulky?

Kay said...

Gorgeous purse, I would have been very tempted to keep it too. I haven't made a mug rug, but think about them occasionally as there are a lot of them on Pinterest. Love the hexagons, EPP is one of my favourite thing sin the world.

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