Saturday, 24 August 2013

Back Away from the Keyboard

I have this terrible compulsion to start swaps. I keep thinking of all the ones I could start which would take lots of time to administrate and be a hassle because inevitably people misbehave. And I keep thinking of all these complicated projects I could start and really commit to. You know - *really* commit to, not like those other projects I got bored of after the first half which are all in the cupboard. Like this one.
My Nearly Insane at Bloomington
This is actually called the "Nearly Insane" quilt and I came across it on Faberdashery's blog where she is english paper piecing one in just red and white. Looks AMAZING. I immediately started combing the internet for the pattern and reading what others had written about it and studying their colour schemes and thinking how I would approach it. Insane. Although Faberdashery did rock my world slightly by using EPP for the whole quilt. She points out EPP isn't just for hexagons and she is quite right but I had never thought of doing a half-square triangle block that way. Another great example of how inspiring sharing via blogs can be.

I have managed to talk myself down from starting anything - swap or project - by dragging this out to get it finished off.
Hexagon Sphere in Progress
It is from the Romanian Quilt Studio and there is a free version as well. It occurred to me that...this is round...and Jasmine's playmat bag is round...and I need a new outer fabric for the bag since I got my stitch tension wrong and the white showed up on the black fabric. When I started this quilt I wondered what I'd do with the circle once it was done. I think this could be fated.

The reason for my start-itus is possibly that I have been getting to the end of my tether about the 'Japan issue' and have been looking for things I can control and take my mind off it with. However, yesterday Pooch received a draft contract from his new employer so maybe - just maybe - I might actually be going to Japan after all. There have been so many times when I thought it might be coming together though that I refuse to be even slightly excited until I see signatures on dotted lines.


Frances said...

Hi Lixie, the Hexi Queen. Just a thank you for the shout out to my blog Fabadashery. Lots of EPP goes on there, mainly because it can be done in a lunch hour!
Just had a nice tour round your blog and a new Follower

Becky said...

Unfortunately expat life is often like that, it all seems to be happening and then it isn't and then it nearly is and then it isn't, you usually find that in the end it all happens very quickly. It also does usually involve relinquishing a degree of control over your life, which can be hard to handle, but does come with lots of great perks. Hang in there, I am sure all will be well in the end and all your crafting looks amazing, you achieve a great deal more than I ever do !!!!

LJ said...

Your little hexie-in-the-round is so bright and cheerful - just lovely.

Sarah said...

I have the round hexie pattern but have yet to start...some day. Good luck finishing yours!

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