Saturday, 10 August 2013

Festival of Quilts 2013

Straight to the good stuff - all my photos are here if you want to have a good look by yourself without my commentary. If you want to hear what I thought of on!

My personal best-in-show? I am going to split it. In no particular order we have Out of Africa.
Out of Africa by Janet Boult
As you can see in this close up...
from Out of Africa by Janet Boult
...this is made up of triangles sewn into hexagons. However they all use just one fabric print - I love that. So clever! I find this very inspiring. Then we have Little Stars.
Little Stars by Jean Ball
I am a big fan of paper piecing and this is diamonds, triangles and parallelograms.
from Little Stars by Jean Ball
Impressive. I'd not considered paralllelllograms before. Then we have a quilt with a funny name which is on Flickr if you want to know it.
Passacaglia with Mr Penrose by Michal Peter-Anderson
I loved the movement in it. This is also very inspiring - could there be a HUGE paper pieced quilt in my near future?! Another one I mean.
Passacaglia with Mr Penrose by Michal Peter-Anderson 2
As usual I did look forward to the miniature quilts and I thought this shot gave a good idea of just how mini some of these miniatures really are.
Looking at the Miniature Quilts
On a tiny quilt...
Aerial View over Farmland by Caroline Wilkinson get tiny stitches.
from Aerial View over Farmland by Caroline Wilkinson
Puts my great gallumphing sashiko stitches to shame! Back to the big quilts and this one is made entirely of old ties.
Transported: Dream Boat by Caroline Regnaut
This one was enormous - that wall is about 10ft high.
Hurricane by Janneke de Vries-Bodzinga
I am not going to show any more since they are all on Flickr but I did deliberately take fewer photos than last year which gave me more time to focus on the ones I really liked.

Mumsy and I also managed a little shopping although we were remarkably restrained. I now know what it means to have your fingers itching. There were SO many lovely things and I wanted to bring them all home with me but budget and potential moves kept me holding back. The only fabric I bought was for the ten (TEN) xmas stockings I will soon begin. I didn't want to go with the traditional bright red, gold and green so started off with the snowman print, then added a few others, then a few more until I had the final bundle.
Christmas fabric
So it is still kinds red, green and gold. But not..I know...better. I also got a knitting kit for a shawl Mater admired which she tells me is to her only xmas present.
We'll see. On the way to and from Birmingham I was at work on my Pop Pots shawl - the edging will begin soon! Knit, knit, knit...


Blue Moth said...

Amazing. I'm grateful for your post, as I could not go ths year.

Beatrice said...

thank you for your post, which I've only just found. And thank you for including the names of quilters in your Flickr album! I've taken the liberty of sharing your blog address on a French Quilters forum. I hope you don't mind. Beatrice (from France).

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