Friday, 18 October 2013

Aimless Patchwork

In between working full-time, applying for visas-certificates-godknowswhatelse, clearing the flat of everything I'm not taking, ebaying or donating that lot, packing up what I am taking, eating and sleeping, I have been doing pointless patchwork.
Aimless patchwork
I don't know what I'm making. All I know is that those hexagons are 1/3". It is the only thing I do at the moment that doesn't require decisions.

I may be a bit behind with communicating with people. Sorry about that but it's been a tough few weeks and it won't be over til we get to Tokyo, and then it'll be a different kind of busy!

One thing - I'm giving away back copies of Interweave Knits on Ravelry.

1 comment:

Blue Moth said...

I love pointless patchwork. Your brain will come up with an idea for it in its own good time.

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