Thursday, 28 November 2013

Crochet for a New Home

Our first choice flat has fallen through but we have an alternative that is looking good so far. This is the outside.
our new home
There is a fairly busy road one block away but as often happens in Tokyo, once you get even that short distance from the road the noise is barely audible. I have taken measurements for curtains and intend to get started on those as soon as I have a sewing machine handy. I'll be heading to the fabric district for all that.

I had a very pleasant few hours in Okadaya - an amazing craft shop over 4 floors - and came home with some yarn for my replacement babette type blanket.
Ten different colours of this lovely 100% wool which I think must be Japanese although the brand is "spectre modem" - I've yet to check it on Ravelry. It's a light aran and machine washable. I've sketched out a plan and combinations of colours.
crochet workspace
I've done a series of small squares and started this bigger one.
crochet in progress
I'm using the babette pattern for the squares as far as I can remember it.

I am heading for an outing this afternoon but have yet to decide where to go. Pooch is not keen on museums but does like gardens so I think it'll be one of the former. I had a visit to the most amazing pound shop you've ever seen the other day which had quite a few other goggle eyed westerners in it. (Actually a 100 Yen shop although with tax everything is Y105. £1 is about Y150 so it's really less than a pound.) I will be going back once the move in date is confirmed as it had lovely kitchen things which will do us very nicely. I must take some photos on my next visit and share them with you!

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