Monday, 25 November 2013

Tokyo Update

When I first said I was coming here a lot of people talked about how odd some Japanese ways of life seem to us. I have always been clear that I don't want to point and laugh because there's probably a good reason for a lot of them, but then I saw these 'traffic cones'.
pink rabbit traffic cones
I really can't see why they are pink rabbits, but then the Japanese do definitely seem to love to turn everything into a character. As I said in my last post, all the shops have their own creature/sprite type thing and lots of everyday items have bears or pandas or cats on them - not that I'm complaining about the latter. Even Father Christmas is caricatured.
Thinking Woman's Father Christmas
This one saw him as a kind of professor while there were others of him in different guises.

Today being Monday Pooch's official first week started this morning and over the weekend we came across this window display of his game.
Pooch with PES or 'Winning Eleven'
Pro Evolution Soccer is called 'Winning Eleven' in Japan. Meanwhile our boxes that were shipped by air arrived yesterday - on a Sunday in a 2-hour timed slot which is amazingly efficient - and so I have the few craft supplies I packed which has meant I've been able to get on with the bloghop I'm in on Friday at last. Talk about leaving it to the last minute! I thought about pulling out several times but was determined to fulfil the requirements. The theme is chickens and we need some coasters so...I'll reveal what I've made on Friday! Meanwhile you can see what others have made using this timetable:

November 19
November 20
November 21
                                          Pigtales and Quilts ~ Happy Birthday Thearica !

November 22
November 25
November 26
November 27
November 28

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