Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Cute As A Button

My 7 month old niece has taken to Skype like a duckling to water and thinks it is quite funny when Auntie Alex waves at her from the screen. I sent off her final christmas present this week which was actually finished about 2 months ago but had been waiting this long for buttons.
Let It Snow cardigan
The design is a combination of two free fairisle patterns on Ravelry plus my handwriting and done using intarsia. The buttons were worth the wait.
There is so much cute stuff for children here - especially girls. I have bought a dress pattern on etsy and will be knocking up a few dresses for her from the most irresistible fabrics. I've almost finished a pair of socks since I arrived - or finished the second one at least. The first and a cuff I found while packing, along with rather a lot of UFOs. I did some more at my second Tokyo SnB meeting.
Christmas Pudding Tea Cosy
Isn't that tea cosy adorable? We met at the Kimono Bar and Grill which is owned by a knitter and she served us all delicious food as well as using her vintage lustreware for hot drinks. Highly appreciated! Especially as this was rather a nippy day. In case anyone is in the area I recommend the restaurant and the SnB meetings are on Meet-Up.

Pooch is out this evening being wined and dined by the international director of something important so I sat down with my babette-ish blanket in progress and a few episodes of Ellery Queen - an american series from the seventies based on the books. I was fairly amazed by this lady.
pocket dress 1
Vintage updo, dramatic expressions, all fine. Pockets on your shoulders - fair enough. Then she stood up.
pocket dress 2
Seven pockets? Including knees and, ahem, muff area? I like a good pocket as much as the next person but I think it's best to avoid central ones unless you are under 12 and wearing dungarees with a pocket on your chest flap. And even then only if it's got a rabbit embroidered on it.


Mad about Craft said...

I agree, it is rather over the top!

Rachel A said...

The pocket dress is amazing, imagine all the secrets you could hide in there! Also the little Christmas tunic/dress/jumper for your niece is just too gorgeous! Glad she's taken to skype so you can keep in touch xxx

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