Monday, 2 December 2013

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

Pooch and I spent Sunday afternoon strolling around an idyllic part of Tokyo.
This park originally started in 1590 and belonged to one of the Shoguns during the Edo Period. Some of the trees were clearly hundreds of years old but it has been extensively landscaped since the original and is now a kind of cross between Regents and Hyde Parks in London. There were lots of family groups picnicking as well as pensioners painting the views (very well too) and young couples and groups of friends walking around. It is 200 Yen to get in so about £1.30. Definitely worth it!
With autumn, the leaves were changing and you got the most amazing colours and effects with the sunlight.
Lots of people were as fascinated by the sunlight's effects as I was so you got little groups of photographers all in the same places - as in to the left of the photo below.
The variety of plants was amazing. Apparently there are 64 varieties of cherry tree alone so the blossom in the spring will mean this is somewhere I will definitely be coming back to.
And yes, the weather does continue to be rather splendid! About 16 degrees and clear blue skies yesterday.

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Unknown said...

Just beautiful! My daughter is a Japanese major and will be spending all of next academic year in Japan. I hope to be able to visit her over the Christmas break next year! :-)

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