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Button Belts

I am still completely paralysed in my knitting because of the grumbling of yesterday's post. It's freaking me out. I am not happy without needles in my hand or knitting in my heart. And yet...this makes me a little bit happy.
I made my first one for my sister's wedding.
But the lace has bowed under the weight and it needs tightening. The black one uses thick 2" elastic and an astonishingly large number of buttons, all from my mighty stash.

I've just ordered more elastic for a blue/green and a red one.

No knitting.

It's not right.


There are times when you get yourself annoyed about something for which you are responsible and have control over and despite having the power to right it you don't because you are too annoyed. At such times you may describe this feeling as "having grumbled yourself". I have grumbled myself.
I do not need any further knitted items. I do not need any further quilts. I have knit and sewn for most if not all of my relatives and although I could do more and fill in some gaps I do not want to. I want to knit and sew things for me. But I don't need anything. This is the perfect definition of the self-grumble. It is very annoying.