Sunday, 17 February 2013

Tick Tock Knot

Do you remember this clock?
Polka Dot Fabric Clock Tutorial
I did a tutorial for it many moons ago. I've been thinking for a while it was due for an upgrade. I have also been thinking about colour with plain grey.

The result of all these and other thoughts is now becoming reality...
French knot clock face in progress
The colours are a little zingy in the photo but you get the idea. I've always adored the variegated DMC/anchor threads and can remember being given the occasional one as a present when I was a little mite. I now have quite a collection and while it's always tempting to leave them pristine it's always better to use them.The felt tip vanishes with water and is something I use on so many projects just because it's so darn useful. So once I've finished my rainbow circle of french knots all that will be left is the grey linen with the numbers in relief.

Incidentally, if you like embroidery thread, and who doesn't, you may be interested in the Embroidery Thread Lovers Group on Flickr. Eye candy but also some clever ideas of how to store yours. The more eco option?
Stick Bobbins
This is my absolute favourite.
One day I shall have a craft room and it shall have a pinboard with embroidery thread on it. Maybe. Except for it fading in direct light and getting dusty and stuff.

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