Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Nancy Drew! And a Giveaway!

Finally I get to reveal my quilt. I am quite shockingly proud of this. Expect a mother-load of photos. But first - welcome to day 5 of the Nancy Drew is a Clue bloghop! Please be sure to visit the others taking part today, listed at the end of this post, and thanks to Carol for cheerleading us all!

So.....here it is!
Admittedly a slightly odd size - dictated by the layer cake I bought plus a couple of half yards of one of the book spine prints and the red faces one. I've only got scraps of the cake left and about half a fat quarter of the other two.
The backing is some delicious grey polka dot flannel which, with an old blanket sandwiched in between, makes the most huggable quilt you can imagine.
This is absolutely perfect for snuggling on the sofa with my knitting handy and an old mystery on the tv.
Detail of Quilting

This is the first time I have properly quilted a quilt. I've tried it before but always a bit haphazardly and without great results. This time I think I've got it sorted.
I used a stencil (blogged about here) and used my beloved water soluble marker to get the lines drawn on. After that it was easy to use some nice shiny blue rayon as the top thread and just a plain white cotton as the bottom. I adore the effect. Then I used a charcoal bias binding to link the black on the front with the paler grey on the back.
Folded Quilt
Seriously - I couldn't be any happier with this quilt!

Nancy Drew was my gateway to what is now a serious mystery habit. As soon as I saw this bloghop announced I stalked the Sew We Quilt site until sign-ups opened. Sew much fun! Here are my fellow day fivers:

And finally...the giveaway! This is open to everyone regardless of location. All you need to do is leave me a comment telling me your favourite quilt pattern. I am on the look out for a pattern for my next quilt so would love some inspiration! You can link to a picture or just describe it in a few words. I'll be using fabrics all with a sewing theme in case that influences you. And what do you win...? Remember the U'R Priceless bloghop a few months ago? That was my first time with a sew-in frame as I much prefer the ones you glue. Which is what you'll be making if you win!
Frame Purse for Kit Tutorial
Up for grabs is one of my Fabric Purse Frame Kits which will shortly be joining the Stitchmarker Kits in my etsy shop. It includes everything you need (including a tutorial booklet) apart from thread and either a needle or your sewing machine.  Giveaway closes on Sunday night at midnight UK time.

Now go and visit everyone else in the bloghop - hoorah for Nancy Drew!

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Gurgle Gurgle

The title of today's post is partly a homage to Dad's Army (a favourite of one of my Dads and a phrase he frequently shouts at random) and partly a homage to my stomach which is making a noise like the percussion section in one of those orchestras who make their own instruments from plumbing equipment.
This weekend has been a frenzy of activity. The Nancy Drew Quilt is finished!!!!! So fricking exciting. So where are the pictures? Nope - not until Tuesday which is my day on the blog hop. I absolutely adore it. Can't wait to show it off. Apart from that I have a friend who will be popping one out in two weeks time and I have been pondering what to give as a baby welcoming gift. I have a little onesie and hat but wanted to make something too. So...
It is a lined pouch with a zip using this tutorial. It is rather nice because the ends of the zip are covered so it looks neater. I used the flannel from my Nancy Drew quilt and brightened it up with some ribbon scraps.
I am told these kinds of things are always useful either for toys or medicines or dummies or something else. Not knowing the gender I go with the colours the Mum likes. I plan to make a bigger oilskin box version for my sis although I've got 8 weeks grace before needing that one.

And in between all this sewing there has been masses of knitting. It's just that 60 rows in with 600+ stitches per row looks much that same as 10 rows in with about 200.
I am looking forward to blocking the bugger and seeing it in all its glory.

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