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Books 2013 #10 - #19

Hoopla. Straight to it...

#10 Footprints on the Ceiling
Clayton Rawson

I really have to slow down with these books. I'm already through the third one in the series but let's take a breath and look at number two. It starts with our hero - is that Merlini the magician or Hart the sometimes journalist sometimes scriptwriter as he is in this one? But let's say Merlini for the sake of the narrative - roundly believed to be whooping it up with the circus which has just arrived in town. Hart is looking for him, the mysterious beauty is looking for him, no one knows where he is, except really he's in the backroom, having advertised in a newspaper for genuinely haunted houses. Meanwhile on a private island there is a possibly haunted house belonging to an agrophobe millionairess who has come under the spell of a possibly phony medium. On his way there Hart ends up with suitcase of pirate booty when someone substitutes it for his own suitcase at a station and it may or may not h…

4th Annual Blog Week 22nd-28th April 2013

I spotted this over on Six Skeins Under which led me to Eskimimi's blog. I am clearly destined to be in the House of Bees.
"Bees are busy and industrious, but can flit from one interesting project to the next as bright and shiny things capture their interest." Er yeah - that kind of sums up my entire life.

Day 1 - explain your house choice.
Day 2 - mascot project
Day 3 - infographic
Day 4 - colour review
Day 5 - blog differently (already got ideas for this)
Day 6 - tools to covet
Day 7 - looking forward

Anyone else joining in?