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Showing posts from April 14, 2013

Spring Hits London

After the longest winter I can remember, Spring hit London over the weekend. Non-stop rain on Saturday followed by warmth and intermittent sunshine on Sunday. Mustn't knock it after months of freezing cold. The trees have responded by going from zero to blossom in just 2 days which is pretty impressive really. The crab apple trees along the road to the station were bare and dead looking on Friday. Today they are all covered in apples the size of conkers. Small conkers, admittedly, but it is only Tuesday.
There is nothing much to report chez byrne other than Pooch having caught norovirus. Pooch is notoriously careful about hygiene and bulk buys hand gel, refuses to touch handrails, wipes his cutlery in restaurants before eating and so on. Having eaten my share of garden earth in my youth I consider such precautions pointless and while I've had my fair share of illness this year (I'm still coughing after last week's cold) he seems to attract the more explosive types of g…

My 1000th Post

In honour of my 1000th post I tried to recreate the apperitif I so enjoyed in France. The original was an elegant masterpiece of a drink while my version was more like a drawing in crayon but it went down smoothly.
Take a few raspberries and mash'em with the back of a spoon. Smear messily around rim of glass. Find you have no plain granulated sugar - use caster sugar. Spread over kitchen floor and rim of glass so it sticks to the sticky raspberry gloop. Add fizzy wine. Add too much Chambord because that weird little bottle pours strangely. Tip in rest of raspberry mush. Glug. Hiccups. Done. Nice one Gordon.
Where was I..ah yes. I have been brung low by a cold so have mainly been huddling with a grumpy expression, but I have got a few things done. Baby bunting for example.
Regular readers might have just done a double take and thought I was shamming here. But no, this is the inside version of the outside bunting you saw last year at Nickerjac's wedding (which was actually made …