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Showing posts from April 28, 2013

Thinking About Japan

It is 70% likely I will have the chance to go to live in Japan for a year - in or near to Tokyo. This is clearly a big thing. I have known about it for a week or two but I only started taking it seriously yesterday lunchtime. There's a lot to think about.
I have never been there myself but know the sorts of things most people know.  The biggest stumbling block is being dependant on someone else for a year. I am not psychologically compatible with the idea of being a kept woman. 
I would really like to be though. 
If you heard it was 70% likely to rain, you'd take your umbrella. They have umbrella lockers in Tokyo.  And umbrella vending machines. It makes you wonder - they don't even have those in Manchester, and it's always raining there. 

Pretty Pouches

My partner in the Pouch Swap seems to be an expert at this kind of applique.
So I'll be avoiding that. I am quite taken with this kind of thing:
But it is a bit simple. Plus I've been thinking of this kind of patchwork.
But then I also like the idea of a pocket on the outside. Plus I was thinking of having embroidery on one side. See what I meant in my last post about over-egging the custard?
But there are so many cute ideas in my head...
Or maybe I mean on Pinterest!
But then that is exactly why I like Pinterest. You can tuck those inspirations away for when you need them.
Oh but then maybe this?
Pinterest - angel or devil?

I Made 34 Envelopes

No reason at all. I don't write a lot of letters.
Bit odd. Just had an urge.

I am not considering only making it to day 4 of the knitting and crochet blog week as a failure. It is 57% completion. That could even be an A* in a bad GCSE year.

I had a very quiet weekend as I'm exhausted from work and I have a cold. I finished off the knitting on a cardigan and picked out buttons and then did a tiny bit of sewing.
It's my first ever attempt at clamshell patchwork and used a technique described here.
I decided it was too jerky for me. I've since tried needle-turn instead and that was much smoother. It's an experiment before I begin seriously planning the pouch I'll make for the Pretty Little Pouch Swap. I have so many ideas but I don't want to over-egg the custard.

My other project this weekend was finally putting together my succulent garden. I've been planning this for a year now and had been waiting for the growing season to start so I could be sure the s…