Sunday, 12 May 2013

Next Paper Pieced Project

I have been admiring this design since I first saw it on her blog and more so since she made a giant one with her sisters.
So mid week I crumbled and bought it. I spent part of this weekend glueing all the sheets together and cutting out the pieces.
I would say no two are the same size but I suspect there are two, possible four, of each size but still, that's a lot of pieces. You get a colouring sheet with the pattern and after much thought I decided on what I wanted.
Hence why all the pieces are in bags grouped by colour. It is going to be completely scrappy so will be a complete mish mash once finished. I won't be hurrying this though. It's going to be WIP for quite a while.

Meanwhile the NIP (niece in progress) has yet to make an appearance - a week late now. Fortunately that gives me time to get on with the monkey.
Knitted Monkey in Progress
With just one leg left to go I have run out of stuffing. I've had that bag of stuffing for at least 12 years and have been gradually working through it. End of an era.

And lastly - hexagon jewellery.
Hexagon Jewellery
I like the bracelet but worry the necklace is a bit too shiny-cheap-silver. Time will tell. And tarnish.

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