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Showing posts from May 19, 2013

Lovely Post

I got something wonderful in the post today! My pouch from my Pretty Little Pouch Swap.
The front is paper pieced and hand stitched, and the back has an extra pocket on it. I love the colours and the fabric - polka dots! And my lovely sender included four beautiful fabrics with these chairs and armchairs on. I love the colours!
It didn't take long for it to be put to use. I just started picking fabric scraps for my mental paper pieced quilt. It is perfect! The scraps go in the big pouch and the neat stitched and plain pieces go in the smaller one. It really couldn't have been any more perfect if I'd designed it for this purpose!
Thank you Guilty Quilter!

The Weekend is A Distant Place

Work continues manic. Combine that with a delightful weekend with my new niece and I haven't been home much recently. Here she is:
That is her Mum holding her. This is her with Dad.
She sleeps pretty much 23 hours a day. Clearly related to me since that is my natural inclination. My offering was this:
The pattern is Norwood Monkey and so clearly written anyone can make it. I knitted many of the bits in the round rather than seam them afterwards. The banana skin isn't attached and I am half way through a banana that will be velcro'd into it for play once she is slightly more mobile.

Thank goodness this next weekend is a bank holiday one here in the UK. I haven't had a chance to do any sewing for a week now and have only done a small amount of vanilla knitting.