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When I found out the Japan was possible I made a list of projects I wanted to finish before I left. I can now cross two more off that list.
Back in early September I had sewn the pieces together from a jelly roll. Today I got them out again and decided that instead of strips, I needed squares.

A little cutting and sewing and there you have it! I kept it really simple because I want it to be used and the fussier a quilt is that more in awe people seem to be of using it. I just used a simple cotton polka dot on the back. No quilting. All done. 
Before I sewed the pieces together I did take the opportunity to take the kind of photo I have admire on other blogs.
Isn't that beautiful? I think unbacked patchwork would make a lovely alternative to a net curtain.

My other finish is a project where I wanted to make 'something' with the selvages I'd been hoarding. At the same time I started lining them up I found out...I am going to Tokyo on Tuesday! So I decided on a project bag…

Quilty Deliberations

I am very lucky to have both sewing and knitting in my life. When I get stuck with one I can switch to the other. I am currently stuck on the patchwork front and so have picked up the shawl I was making for my Mum's birthday. In March. It's currently got over 600 stitches on each row so is leaving me an alarming amount of time to think about my patchwork problem. You see I have been collecting fabrics.
I have had them ready since February but I just can't make a decision about what to do with them. They do not speak to me.
Ne pas.

I have so many ideas. I think that is the problem. Goddamn Pinterest. Not really I love you. My current favourite is this: just doesn't seem right. Other times I think maybe spools.
Or should I let the fabrics speak for themselves and just go with something blockier?
Or...should I just find something else to make while I'm waiting for certainty to strike? I could make one of these.
I have a pile of selveges. But maybe more like t…

Say It With Flowers Bloghop - Welcome!

Many thanks to our hostess for organising this. Read on to see what I made of it and for a little giveaway!

I love seeing what people make on Flickr and noticed a group gearing up for a year of makes based around a gorgeous new(ish) book called Patchwork Please.
I also dug out some packs of 4" charm squares I got on ebay years ago in lots of flower prints. I made a baby quilt from them and always meant to do another but it sits in pieces as yet unfinished. I still had a lot left though.  Sooooo, I allowed inspiration to dictate and with many a change of mind along the way I give you my new embroidery case.  I used the same linen as the cushion behind it - one I made for the Dresden bloghop. I followed all the measurements from the pattern in the book but changed a few details such as the square of felt which is supposed to be more of an actual needlebook. But it's not like I use a huge number of needles in embroidery so I kept it to just the one rectangle and sewed it down fl…