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Yesterday Newcastle...Tomorrow Stay at Home

My season of travelling for work is at an end. I am not scheduled to go anywhere now until November, by when I will hopefully have left. Ha! My last work trip was an overnighter in Newcastle on Monday and in the evening I had time to indulge in an orgy of pinning on Pinterest and favouriting on Flickr. I have obviously been blogging more about sewing than knitting for a few months now but it's not like I haven't been doing both. It's just that vanilla socks in commercial yarn - which have been my companion during all the travelling - aren't that interesting to report. So on to the good stuff.

My love of hexagon patchwork continues but I have been thinking heretical thoughts recently about it not being 'enough' just to stitch them together endlessly. Then I saw these:
(Click on mosaic for links to originals) So cute and in fact they reminded me that I have seen this before (it may even be the same person). Essentially you trace hexagon shapes onto a sheet of fab…


Last weekend was a very busy one for me. Two social activities! I don't know how I coped. The first was with my favourite little boy - provided courtesy of Nickerjac who has not been at all well. I am always so grateful to friends who provide me with little people to play with. They (the little ones) are so much less judgemental when I decide to be a dinosaur for a while or win the grand national.
I was quite amazed to see one of these in  the Park.
I am not saying it is the exact same one as appeared in Herne Bay playground circa 1983 but it must be a close relation, and I've never seen one anywhere else. The pelvic thrusting necessary to get it to move was probably good for my back too. However, after no less than two playgrounds, a McDonalds, several buses and an ice cream I was shattered and regretfully dropped him back home. Then later that day my littlest sister arrived Chez Byrne to stay the night and eat one of Pooch's roast lunches on Sunday.

While looking for my …