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Thirty Five and Fabulous

I have had *such* a lovely birthday! I was woken up by Pooch singing down the phone to me, I had chocolate for breakfast and have had a steady stream of presents throughout the day! I am now blogging before opening my pink, fizzy wine and settling down to a Murder She Wrote. 
My sister had asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I requested a portrait of Jasmine with Charlie - my two most favourite people from that part of the world.  The expression in those little eyes makes it look as if she's just realised how much weird stuff could happen to her in the next 35 years but maybe I'm reading too much into it! I've also got another shot my sister took at the weekend when Jasmine was snoozing on Auntie Lixie under her new blanket.  What a cutie. Baby looks good too. The blanket is one I finished a month ago having had it sitting about for months before that. 
Speaking of Lixie, I made this into a badge yesterday.  I had originally embroidered it to make into part of a blo…


Do you have a favourite shape? I think mine would have to be a circle since that is the source of every polka dot ever. But a close second would be the hexagon. After a lot of hexagons in recent months I've switched to circles.

I always thought the applique method where you cut your shape out of wax paper, iron it to the fabric, cut it out with a border and then iron the border around the wax shape (and breathe) was too fussy to bother with. But I'd have to say it has worked pretty well.
It has all been done using a selection of the sewing themed fabrics I had been collecting. It's turned out in quite mellow tones which is unusual for me but rather pleasing. It is going to be a wall hanging for wherever we end up living in Tokyo. I plan to hand-quilt it quite simply so it will make for some comfortable evening sewing for the next week or so.

My other near finish is the clock face I started months ago. Just that tiny bit of green to go!
This will also be coming to Tokyo des…