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Angel Niece

Last week my sister sent me this photo of Jasmine, as she put, if she had been in Fame.
Swoon. She's so cute! And she's really got that whole smiling thing going on. My sister's NCT group did a questionnaire at their last meet up to see what kind of baby they had. 'Spirited' meant grumpy and then there were a whole load of others but Jasmine came out as an angel baby. She is *so* well behaved. (Can you tell I'm one of those really proud, gushy aunts?) She sleeps from 7pm til 5am most days with just one feed during the night. She hardly ever cries and she's very happy to be cuddled by numerous fawning family members such as myself. We took her to lunch yesterday at a Marco Pierre White place in Somerset.
Angel baby. Even Pooch admitted she was a lovely child although every time she looked at him she frowned as if she couldn't quite work out what he was. She loves the stars on her car seat canopy.
And Astrophysics is one of my particular interests so I sh…

Books 2013 #20 - #34

Wow, no reviews since April. Some of my tube time (i.e. reading time) has been snagged by my hopeless attempts to learn Japanese. However, I have managed to read a few books along the way...

#20 Extreme Office Crafts
Jimmy Knight

I wouldn't suggest you go so far as to buy it - unless you see a second hand copy - but it is actually a better example of this kind of thing. There are some pretty elaborate things in here and some really subversive ones, but then pretty much everything seemed highly doable in my current office setting. Admittedly, in my office we play 'hide the cow' and if someone is wearing headphones it is acceptable to throw paperclips (and once, a stapler) to attract their attention, but still.

#21 The Beekeeper's Apprentice
Laurie R King

#22 A Monstrous Regiment of Women
Laurie R King

 Clearly the cover illustrator has not read the first book. A picture of Miss Mary Russell would certainly not bear much resemblance to that lady. Better job on the second…

The Smell of the Sea

The smell of the sea is something there should be a word for - like the smell just before or just after rain. I was at Blue Anchor yesterday, looking for interesting stones.
It reminded me of my youth when as a little Byrne I would go to the beach (we lived opposite) at low tide when the sea had retreated for miles (or at least 200 metres) and divert the water flowing off the stones into little aquatic mazes of pools and shoots we had devised. On this beach this was happening on a slightly larger scale.
More of a river than the stream we used to work with.

Unlike Herne Bay, this beach had a series of huge boulders, followed by a few metres of very polished stones, and then sand. The stones were really beautiful.
So harmonious. Many of them having clearly been chipped off the boulders, which were also great to look at.
I spent some time looking for ones with different layers.I do find geology interesting.
Ex-boyfriend Flash is a geologist and I am waiting for Zambia to come online so h…

Holiday Happy

The house swap with my Mum is upon us. Pooch and I are down in Somerset while she and Robbie are sweltering in London. Pooch has fully embraced the lifestyle.
Cottage chic. Check out that window behind him and all the other props on the counter. This is my Mum's actual house! It is a little thatched cottage and actually looks like that for real, not just for photos. Plus there is an added bonus.
Artemis has chosen a new summer sleeping place away from the aga and makes it very clear when she wishes to go to bed. She hops up there and begins the most thorough wash any cat has ever performed before putting nose to paw. The chickens also take themselves up to bed in their little house at what they feel to be the appropriate time and then mutter to each other like old ladies until you come and shut the door.

I have bought down my pop spot shawl and two EPP patchwork projects. Should you happen to look in later you'll find me spread out on a blanket on the grass this afternoon with…