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In the Olden Days

When we were little my Sister and I would occasionally ask my Mum questions about "the olden days" - usually taken to mean anything that happened before our birth. Looking through some of the photos in "The Commons" (a Flickr project to make image archives publicly available) I was reminded of this. There are some amazing images! Click on the ones below to get the original which often has a good description attached to it. Or visit The Commons and search for what interests you. You're encouraged to add information to each of them where you can.

Beautiful ambrotype.
Scarborough herring girls.
US Wounded Soldiers
My retirement as I envisage it.
You'd never be stuck for where to keep your knitting with a stovepipe hat.
From Rykjavic. These ladies have more stuff than even me.
There is lots more besides. For instance - who can resist this photo from the New York Public Library Collection:

Which Has Been Poked More?

Me or the pin cushions I've made? Now there's a question... ;)

Here are some of the ones I've made.  I was pondering them while considering what to make for the bloghop I've signed up for in September. I also looked further afield. 1. pin cushion caddy finished, 2. Pin Cushion, 3. Pin cushion, 4. Pear Pin Cushions,  5. Cathedral Windows Pin Cushion, 6. little waves pin cushion I do like the look of the pin cushion caddy, top left, for which there is a tutorial here. The pears are also lovely and there is a free pattern here for them and apples courtesy of the Guardian and Molly Makes. I've always wanted to make a fabric apple. 
The reason I suggest it could be Me is because I went to the Physio again this evening and he poked me mightily in a very tender spot on my back and then flipped me over and started prodding my stomach. Now this is not an area I've ever had massaged and it was odd. He was looking for the Psoas muscle (that's a wiki link) which I hadn&#…