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Showing posts from August 18, 2013

Back Away from the Keyboard

I have this terrible compulsion to start swaps. I keep thinking of all the ones I could start which would take lots of time to administrate and be a hassle because inevitably people misbehave. And I keep thinking of all these complicated projects I could start and really commit to. You know - *really* commit to, not like those other projects I got bored of after the first half which are all in the cupboard. Like this one.
This is actually called the "Nearly Insane" quilt and I came across it on Faberdashery's blog where she is english paper piecing one in just red and white. Looks AMAZING. I immediately started combing the internet for the pattern and reading what others had written about it and studying their colour schemes and thinking how I would approach it. Insane. Although Faberdashery did rock my world slightly by using EPP for the whole quilt. She points out EPP isn't just for hexagons and she is quite right but I had never thought of doing a half-square tria…

Be a Hexie Queen! And a Giveaway!

My day on the bloghop! Thanks to everyone involved and don't forget to look at the blogs of the others involved today.

I left it rather to the last minute to make something for this - relying on my ever present box of hexagons which I add to when I don;t feel like sewing or knitting anything requiring concentration.
But then at the start of this week I realised inspiration had not struck. What to do?!

I am destashing a lot at the moment and came across some 1/3" hexagons I'd been making for a miniature quilt to enter at this year's Festival of Quilts. Er, yeah, the one I blogged about a few weeks ago with the entry deadline in May. Not one to waste all that Wonky the mouse.
I am not a big toy maker but when I saw this on Pinterest I thought it might be fun to make.

I thought I'd followed the pattern exactly but he came out very bulgy so I trimmed and resewed and went a bit freestyle...hence his being named Wonky. But what the hell - he looks better fro…

Export vs Import

In general I am a craft exporter. I make and give far more gifts than I receive. However, I recently got my paws on the parcels from two swaps and so am now the proud owner of the following...
This lovely needlebook comes with inner packets and sweet little butterfly pins!
Then I also received my triple zip purse stuffed full of goodies.
This was my partner's first go at english paper piecing and she did an amazing job! She also sent me those two ribbon tied bundles of 2.5" squares - perfect for my own hexagons - and some pre-cut papers. My favourite thing is the lanyard which matches my sharp scissors.
Such a good idea - I can never find scissors when I need them despite owning at least 10 pairs.

I finished my Pop Spots shawl yesterday so immediately set to thinking about my next project to cast on. But then I paused. Should I be starting a new one? Don't I have enough others I should be working on? So that got me to making an inventory of my works in progress...