Thursday, 29 August 2013

On the Seventh Day She Rose Again

At least, that's what I'm hoping. I came down with the lurgy on Saturday and I'm hoping to leave the house and go to work tomorrow. That's right - I'm hoping to go to work. There is a sign of how bored I am. The cold part hasn't been so bad but I have had zero energy so a little bit of hand knitting or sewing per day has been my maximum. And I was going to do so much over the bank holiday last Monday too! Ah well. Here is what I have to show for it all.
Dresden Circle
This is my second ever dresden and I'm pretty happy with it. I used scraps and paper templates. I did it with the pincushion blog hop in mind so I'll see how it turns out. Then there is some scrappy sashiko.
Sashiko Scrappy Sampler
I was thinking of this. which was a miniature at the Festival of Quilts.
from Aerial View over Farmland by Caroline Wilkinson
I didn't quite get that effect now did I? I need to be a bit less random to achieve something harmonious like that one! Then last there is something from a book called Omiyage which the boys at the office got me for my birthday.
Omiyage Square
I am sure there is a technical name for this but I liked the effect and thinking about the difference fussy cutting could make. I got a little of that in the first round of 'petals' which were daisies on an orange background.
Omiyage Square Detail
You can barely see the orange. This being my first time I stitched the folded squares across the tops to secure them and then for the larger ones added a stitch where the bottom corners met. I realised as I got to the end that this wasn't working and you can see the stitching. Next time I will just stitch the corners, like this.
Where to sew down
That should keep everything secure and stop the stitching showing.

Lastly, my long search for Altoids or their equivalent ended with a bit of a fizzle. I went into 7 (count 'em) shops on Saturday looking for them (all the time coming down with what is possibly the future 'cause of death' on my autopsy certificate) without finding anything remotely similar. Remember - I needed two to finish my hexie wallet. Then at the height of my suffering Pooch does an Ocado order (he says he is too posh for tesco, despite their chocolate mousse being vastly superior) and finds them there. £1.25 a tin.
Altoids tins
I suppose he has his uses. Actually he's been amazing at looking after me this week. He's not so bad!

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