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Books 2013 #35 - #41

This post is directly inspired by KnittingOnTheGreen's last set of reviews which included my #41 as her #75 (she knits as fast as she reads!). I went onto Amazon as a result of her recommendation and read it pretty much straight away. Now I have a whole new series to enjoy!

#35 Death at Epsom Downs
Robin Paige Another in this easy reading cosy mystery series. This is book 7 and looks into doping in horse racing and the start of the movement to stop it. Lillie Langtry brings the Prince Regent into it. Various bits of intrigue. Overall a bit stilted but still a relaxing read when all about you is losing it. 
#36 An Uncertain Place
Fred Vargas Ah lovely, lovely Ms Vargas, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Hot damn this is another great one. I did find myself wondering whether the make up of the police team wasn't getting a bit silly, including as it does a man who is usually drunk by lunch, another who naps in the basement, a woman who stashes food in secret places, a man wh…

Jasmine the Stoner

She is now almost 4 months old and weighs exactly a stone!
Isn't she the cutest? She was a tad on the grumpy side (possible teething suspected) and tended to cry when Pooch held her - but then I feel like that sometimes too - but otherwise we had a lovely day with her yesterday. Lots of food, dog stroking, tortoise gazing, baby jiggling and a bit of knitting. I had already finished this for her:
(Look at that scowl!) Her Mum kindly admitted it "looked better on" having initially been rather aghast at what I described as a 'cross between a gnome and a clown hat'. I've now got a little raglan cardi on the needles for her.

On the way back we travelled through some rather idyllic english countryside.
I should make the most of it since I have now resigned my job! We are tentatively looking at the third week in November for departing to Tokyo so there is a lot to get done before then. Not least of which are ten of these!
I got the Clover mini bias stuff this week. …