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Showing posts from September 22, 2013

A Little Challenge

Since life is fairly full at the moment I have resisted signing up for any new swaps or a-longs. Or I had until yesterday when I saw Marci Girl talking about the one-block-wonder quilt along.
It is being run by Quilter in the Closet and is a very low key one. I have wanted to try this technique since I saw this one at the Festival of Quilts.
I think it was my favourite one overall.
So now I 'just' need to choose my fabric and start cutting. I want to avoid buying any new fabric so I might end up making a very small quilt top if I can only find a fat quarter in something suitable!

Read My Cake

Yes, it is true. I got married yesterday morning! The boys at work think it is truly rock and roll to take a few hours off work to get married and then go back to work afterwards. I did make sure I had a good wedding cake though. Not that Pooch had any. Within about 2 minutes of cutting the first slice this was all that was left.
That goo you can see oozing out there is dulche de leche. Uhuh. You know how good that bad boy tasted. Beas of Bloomsbury did me truly proud. Plus huge thanks to Rachel who came along as one of our witnesses (and therefore one of our two guests) who took the official wedding photo.
Those are my bridal jeans right there. Pooch's were purple.

So now the visa process can begin properly and we might at some point have a proper moving date. Meanwhile I have another batch of craft bits to put on ebay. It won't be as large as when I sold all my yarn but it should still be worth an online rummage. I'll post here when I get it all listed.