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Showing posts from September 29, 2013

The Clearout Continues

There are now 23 lots of fabric and craft related goods on ebay. All start at 99p so grab yourself a bargain.

In between wading through fabric like J-Lo waded through Anaconda country I have finally managed to secure these little suckers.
I was going to go with little pearl ones but then these, which were on a vintage Woolworths card, seemed to call to me.
I am rather pleased with this, even though those buttonholes were a little unevenly spaced ahem, and the demure nature of it. Of course that all goes out the window with the Minx Mini.
Red and purple sequin stripes are hardly subtle so I thought I might as well make the buttons interesting.

I would have to say I am rather enjoying actually using my stash instead of saving it for some mystical 'special' project.
Of course with the wool it probably helps that I've hardly got any anymore. I was torn when designing a little christmas cardigan for Jasmine. Should I use what I had - not the most christmassy colours - or actual…