Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Pigtail Hat

I was ogling various version of hats that make babies look like they have elaborate hairstyles. They all seemed to cost a lot though so I decided I could do it myself. I used a free 6-12 months crochet beanie pattern and added pigtails.
Jasmine and mum
That is Jasmine with my Mum, Nana, looking very cheerful. I spent a lot of the weekend entertaining her which was pretty good. My sister was moving house and with my back I'm not much good at lifting so I tended to focus on her and the dog. Once grandad had finished the lifting he had a go.
Jasmine and rob
They both seemed similarly focussed on why Sir Prancealot's feet were crackling although Rob bravely held back from chewing on them.

My main reason for being there, other than dog and baby duties, was to add blackout lining to the curtains. Needless to say within a minute of starting to sew the needle broke and it being my mum's machine I didn't have a spare.

Me: When did you last change the needle?
Mum: They need changing?

Mind you, I didn't know that til I was about 25.

Work today saw a new addition to my Harassment Log. The boys consider it a sign of great achievement to get a mention in it now.
Harassment log
When I mention the harassment log most people assume I'm making it up but this stuff actually does happen in the office. The boys have asked for a copy of it to remind them of me after I go.

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