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Cats and Magazines

Friday was a pretty good day for me. It all started with my first ever visit to a cat cafe.
I arrived about 10 minutes after opening and it was still breakfast time.
When I go again (when, not if) I will make it a little later as anyone who knows cats knows that they do not want to be stroked while eating and that after eating they just want to have a wash. The one little guy I'd spotted online and particularly wanted to look at was this one.
He hasn't got his ears down in anger - he's one of those cornish type cats who have folded down ears which I've never seen in real life before. So cute! But he was clearly not in the best of moods and took himself up to the highest possible perch and this is all I saw of him after that.
The place was very clean but with lots of toys and sleeping places for the cats. This is where folded-ears was - right at the top.
I positioned myself on the heated carpet (like an electric blanket but a carpet which are apparently quite coming in …

Black Tie Boogie - More of a Wiggle

Hello! Thank you for visiting today as part of the hop or welcome back for regular visitors. Today is the last day of the Black Tie Boogie so thanks to XX for organising everything. You can see the full schedule here.

For those not familiar with my back story, suffice to say I move to Japan 10 days ago for my husband's work and am currently a first time housewife living in a tiny temporary flat near the Imperial Palace in Tokyo. I've yet to visit the fabric district here but have been to a couple of craft shops and am looking forward to developing a more in depth knowledge of others in the near future!

My offering for the hop is only part complete. I am currently without a sewing machine so while I've used fusible webbing to layout my appliqué on some linen, apologies that I haven't yet had a chance to add the machine embroidered embellishment I plan on.
Cluck! I used these free templates as a basis and added two cats.
These are going to be coasters in our new home so …

Crochet for a New Home

Our first choice flat has fallen through but we have an alternative that is looking good so far. This is the outside.
There is a fairly busy road one block away but as often happens in Tokyo, once you get even that short distance from the road the noise is barely audible. I have taken measurements for curtains and intend to get started on those as soon as I have a sewing machine handy. I'll be heading to the fabric district for all that.

I had a very pleasant few hours in Okadaya - an amazing craft shop over 4 floors - and came home with some yarn for my replacement babette type blanket.
Ten different colours of this lovely 100% wool which I think must be Japanese although the brand is "spectre modem" - I've yet to check it on Ravelry. It's a light aran and machine washable. I've sketched out a plan and combinations of colours.
I've done a series of small squares and started this bigger one.
I'm using the babette pattern for the squares as far as I ca…

Tokyo Update

When I first said I was coming here a lot of people talked about how odd some Japanese ways of life seem to us. I have always been clear that I don't want to point and laugh because there's probably a good reason for a lot of them, but then I saw these 'traffic cones'.
I really can't see why they are pink rabbits, but then the Japanese do definitely seem to love to turn everything into a character. As I said in my last post, all the shops have their own creature/sprite type thing and lots of everyday items have bears or pandas or cats on them - not that I'm complaining about the latter. Even Father Christmas is caricatured.
This one saw him as a kind of professor while there were others of him in different guises.

Today being Monday Pooch's official first week started this morning and over the weekend we came across this window display of his game.
Pro Evolution Soccer is called 'Winning Eleven' in Japan. Meanwhile our boxes that were shipped by air…