Friday, 13 December 2013

More Cats

It might seem to the uninformed that Tokyo for me is just one cat cafe after another. In fact I only go to cat cafes on Fridays. Having been quite stressed by my second visit to the Ikebukero one I decided to try the Calico Cat Cafe in Shinjuku. I had initially decided against it on the basis of it being too touristy - look at me giving myself airs. Plus I was so wrong. I don't really know where to start. I guess with the entrance...
From the moment you arrive you are basically stepping over cats - a lot of whom are asleep. 
Asleep in bowls, boxes, on toys, on cushions, on climbing frames, on purpose built shelves high up, on the stairs, on the get the idea. These are chilled out cats. 
You come in on the 6th floor and are surrounded by cats and then there are stairs heading down to the 5th and you and the cats can quite easily move between as much as you want, avoiding the tiny trip hazards that await you on the stairs. 
This is the 5th floor. 
You can order drinks and food. But what the cats really want is for you to order a little pot of chicken (real chicken too, not just treats). This is what happens when you do. 
I felt this was cheating so I contented myself with less company but more freedom to roam. 
Cat Mosaic
When I did finally flop down on a sofa, a miracle occurred. A cat came and sat on me. 
I guess I wasn't too comfy because that became this...
Which quickly became this...
So sweet! You can imagine how chuffed I was. The cat seemed pretty happy too. I had been just about to leave but the cat kept me there another half hour which made them a wodge more money - clever shop keepers those cats. 

Pooch and I get the keys to our permanent flat tomorrow which has meant a lot of shopping and repacking. It has brought back the stress of the packing to come over here so I will be extremely happy when it is all done and we are moved in. The Ikea bits are delivered on Tuesday so hopefully from next weekend we will be in a proper looking home which I will then be decorating for christmas. It will also give me a chance to do some crafting beyond just making curtains!

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Cute As A Button

My 7 month old niece has taken to Skype like a duckling to water and thinks it is quite funny when Auntie Alex waves at her from the screen. I sent off her final christmas present this week which was actually finished about 2 months ago but had been waiting this long for buttons.
Let It Snow cardigan
The design is a combination of two free fairisle patterns on Ravelry plus my handwriting and done using intarsia. The buttons were worth the wait.
There is so much cute stuff for children here - especially girls. I have bought a dress pattern on etsy and will be knocking up a few dresses for her from the most irresistible fabrics. I've almost finished a pair of socks since I arrived - or finished the second one at least. The first and a cuff I found while packing, along with rather a lot of UFOs. I did some more at my second Tokyo SnB meeting.
Christmas Pudding Tea Cosy
Isn't that tea cosy adorable? We met at the Kimono Bar and Grill which is owned by a knitter and she served us all delicious food as well as using her vintage lustreware for hot drinks. Highly appreciated! Especially as this was rather a nippy day. In case anyone is in the area I recommend the restaurant and the SnB meetings are on Meet-Up.

Pooch is out this evening being wined and dined by the international director of something important so I sat down with my babette-ish blanket in progress and a few episodes of Ellery Queen - an american series from the seventies based on the books. I was fairly amazed by this lady.
pocket dress 1
Vintage updo, dramatic expressions, all fine. Pockets on your shoulders - fair enough. Then she stood up.
pocket dress 2
Seven pockets? Including knees and, ahem, muff area? I like a good pocket as much as the next person but I think it's best to avoid central ones unless you are under 12 and wearing dungarees with a pocket on your chest flap. And even then only if it's got a rabbit embroidered on it.

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