Monday, 20 January 2014

Crafty Finishes

Pooch's birthday jumper is done.
The Killing Jumper on Pooch
He's gone all shy in his 37th year but still has the bum of a 35 year old, n'est pas? He's very happy with it. I used the free chart from here (Rav link). I also finally sewed the buttons I made onto Jasmine's dress.
Jasmine Dress Medley
When I make another one (I just need to be sure this one fits) I won't use such bulky buttons as having them on both sides means the dress will stand away from her little collar bones. I think next time a couple of those iron on patches will serve to disguise where I've sewn on the poppers instead. But apart from that I am very happy with this. My sister is very lovely and an excellent mother but useless at measuring her child so I just did it based on the average for her age, hence my concern about the fit!

I now need a new knitting project, which I think will be a jumper for my ickle brother (who is bigger than Pooch), while I have no need to think hard about my next sewing efforts.
Triangle EPP
The english paper pieced pouch swap has started and having never done triangles before I thought I'd give them a go. I do love a nice tessellation.

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