Sunday, 2 February 2014

In January...

In an effort to be more conscious of what I am making and both the quality and quantity of it, I am going to try this monthly review. Here, then, is some of what I made in January.
January Makes
It also serves to remind me that there are lots of things I have part made or even finished that I haven't included or photographed. What we have here is (left to right, starting at the top):

  • March's block for the I Love Lucy Bee (in the sidebar). I've also started Feb's and made another 4-5 of my own red and white ones. 
  • Immense bag for the sewing room swap. 100% not my taste but fits the recipient's inspiration mosaic.
  • WIP - EPP Pouch swap. This is the unpicked version of square 7, which was a finished object except it was fugly!
  • Finished second EPP pouch, also for the swap. I think this is very cute although again, not really my taste. 
  • Amazingly busy Tokyo Quilt Show. I've started a design for an EPP quilt inspired by what I saw there. 
  • She Who Sews hop cushion cover. My day is coming next week for the proper reveal. 
  • Pouch mentioned above in 3.
  • Pooch's jumper from The Killing which was for his birthday.
  • Jasmine's ill-fated dress. Never make a dress for a baby you have not been given the measurements of, relying on it being for the 12-18 month old when she's only 8 months old. She's one big baby. 
  • The hot water bottle cover I knitted and forgot to photograph. 
  • Multinomah Shawl which was a late xmas present. 
  • Cast on and finished sock one of a pair using yarn dyed in the colours of cats. This shade is 'calico' - bought long before I knew of the existence of the Calico Cat Cafe
One of the things I have noticed since getting more into patchwork is how much pressure bloggers put on themselves to achieve goals and then catch up when they fall behind. There is immense peer-pressure to take part in sew-a-longs and bees and various other events. Then when they inevitably over commit there is an annual finish-a-long for which bloggers also set ambitious goals, while also signing up to new challenges, which just adds to the air of constant pressure. I don't think I've ever noticed that with knitters and the knitting blogs I follow are much more relaxed. 
knit morning
Pooch has noticed my lack of planning and every morning asks me what my schedule is for the day, before expressing concern at my lack of one. Beyond remembering which days the various recycling goes out and ensuring the whole flat is cleaned once a week I have no other commitments other than a fortnightly knitting group - which makes me one lucky lady, I know. In keeping with this I am not setting any goals for February. Things will be sewn, knitted and ripped as becomes necessary!


Little House on the Hill said...

Wow you have been busy. Like you I have no other commitments, other than Mahjong on Mondays and a craft Group on Wednesday. I craft as I please and it is a nice feeling.
Cheers Pauline

Wendy said...

Maybe you just have a different view of it. Some of us enjoy the feeling of community and challenge. If we don't reach all our goals it doesn't matter, nothing bad happens to us

Deonn said...

What wonderful projects, so busy! That is a great idea to put all of your creations together to see what you've accomplished. I love the little bag by your side in the picture... making the world a better place... one stitch at a time.


You are definitely right about a difference between the sewing and knitting community. I think it's one of the things I find hardest with quilting and why I prefer to do my 'own thing' with quilting whereas I find knitting group activities lots of fun. Interesting.

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