Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Kawaii at Kiddyland

Last night's Stitch n Bitch (on should you ever happen to be local) was near Omotesando which happens to be near Kiddyland. I had heard that there was a toy shop aimed at adults rather than children and decided to pay it a call. I had no idea what to expect plus I only had half an hour but it was 30 minutes well spent.
My eye was immediately caught by a sign to Snoopy Town in the basement.
Snoopy Town at Kiddyland
I am a keen devotee of Snoopy but in a kind of casual way. The basement of Kiddyland is enough to make me think I've been wasting my life. So. Much. Snoopy.

Snoopy Town at Kiddyland
Snoopy clothes (adult sizes, although there was small baby section), slippers, crockery, cutlery, bento boxes, hair slides, biscuits, tea...

Snoopy Town at Kiddyland
Oh wowsers, it was Snoopy heaven. I was ridiculously restrained and simply bought a patch for the bag I started decorating before xmas.
Snoopy in Space badge
The physics geek in me cannot resist when two enthusiasms, such as Snoopy and space, combine. On the way back from SnB (which was awesome again) I read about Snoopy's involvement with Nasa - or possibly I mean Charles m Schultz's involvement with them. From Wikipedia "Following the Apollo I fire, Snoopy became the official mascot of aerospace safety, testing and the rebuilding of the Apollo Program, due to his refusal to accept defeat and his "'outside the doghouse' way of looking at things." " Mr Schultz reciprocated, including several space travel stories in his Snoopy strips. I never knew that before. See how foreign travel expands the mind?!

Having so blissed out in the basement I had very little time to explore the other three floors but they were similarly kawaii (cute) and had all sorts of characters. Including the slice of salmon seemingly known as Kirimi.
Snoopy Town at Kiddyland
Let me know if your life needs a slice of salmon pencil case to be complete and I'll send one on!
SnB has been too briefly glossed over. It really was good and for once I was not the new kid! I was able to tell two others about my favourite knitting shops and in return learnt about a village of Japanese farmhouses, an alternative to Craigslist for selling furniture when you leave and an idyllic island an easy train ride from Tokyo which has lots of galleries and art projects going on - Naoshima.
Looks kind of nice huh? Just need to wait for this snow to clear up and for it to get a little bit warmer so I can paddle!


jan said...

Oh MY GOODNESS! I love Snoopy too! A friend has their wellhouse painted like Snoopys doghouse and has Snoopy on top.! I LOVE the Snootea! lol!
xo jan

Jo said...

That looks a really interesting shop, 30 minutes didn't seem like enough time. Jo x

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