Saturday, 22 March 2014

Blossom in Yoyogi Park

I am 90% sure this is plum blossom still - the cherry isn't due to start for another week yet - but I've not seen any with the green leaves like this. 
blossom in yoyogi park
It was a beautiful day yesterday and a national holiday called Spring Day. Wikipedia says it is a time to commemorate ancestors by leaving spring flowers at graves and also a time to reconnect with living family, start a new hobby or spring clean. From our point of view it meant Pooch got the day off so we took a walk in Yoyogi Park. It is the same park I visited at New Year when I went to the Meiji Shrine (which looking back I realise I never blogged about) but it's the first time I had been into the park proper. My eye was caught by a dog area - specifically for dogs to socialise in. 
dog socialising in yoyogi park
The signs are for under 12kg on the right and over 10kg on the left. The yapping from the smaller dogs was ghastly. However, in accordance with the norm in Tokyo, all small dogs were suitably dressed in at least a t-shirt and some in a full outfit. 
dog socialising in yoyogi park
Very odd. 

It's been a quiet week since my back went ping again on Monday so I've just been quietly working on a few EPP sewing projects and thinking about the next jumper I am due to knit.
blossom in yoyogi park
Meanwhile back in the UK it is SkipNorth this weekend! Can't believe I'm missing it but Nickerjac is keeping me up to date with frequent tweeting. I hope they are all having great fun!

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Mairead Hardy said...

We did have a lot of fun, but you were sorely missed!

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