Saturday, 29 March 2014

Making a Hat and What It Shows About Pinterest

Long story short, I made a hat.
patchwork summer hat
I rather like it although Pooch's response has been less positive.
patchwork sunhat
I mentioned my intention of wearing it on our outing today and he immediately told me there was no need because it was going to be very cloudy, no sunshine at all. This is despite the sun beaming in through the windows onto our breakfast.
Layers of the Sun

I used a pattern I found on Pinterest which you can find here. I cut the pieces out of iron-on interfacing which I then used as templates for piecing scraps, sewing onto the iron-on/shiny side. Once covered I duly ironed and trimmed the edges then got to sewing. I made a lining but only interfaced the brim of that. The whole thing took about 2 hours which would have been less if I had just used plain fabric for both sides.

However, the interesting thing from my point of view is that this highlights how I now use Pinterest as my first choice search engine when it comes to patterns, tutorials and visual inspiration. A year ago I would have used google every time but this has definitely shifted. I use the 'search' function of Pinterest a lot. The benefit to me is that you are looking at links that have already been "peer reviewed" as worthy of pinning and they have sometimes made their own version so have road tested the pattern for you. It cuts out the adverts, selltorials and, sadly, rubbish versions nicely.
French Quarter 008
There is a counter argument to be made in that you are only seeing what others have already seen, but then it is a sun hat. I'm not trying to reinvent the bra or develop brave new nail designs.

So here I am...boldly going where many sun hats have been before...
patchwork sunhat
...rather grainily...


Deb said...

I would wear that hat to bed never mind on an outing. You look tres chic! If you have a spare hat just sitting around the flat not doing anything you've found a buyer. 3 weeks and counting!! DebXX

Josie said...

Great post and hat, really made me smile :)

Kath said...

where I live such hats are common place, so I would enjoy wearing one and enjoyed seeing yours, I love it!

Ynot said...

It's a glorious hat! Clearly Pooch only has good taste when it comes to women!

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