Tuesday, 1 April 2014

March Makes

Considering this month included a week of parental visit I think I've achieved quite a few FOs.
March Makes
Going top to bottom and left to right we have...
1. Whale for Jasmine - see below for more
2. Washi Picture Frames - a kit my Mum chose when they were here and asked me to make for her.
3. Scrapbooked photo album - of when the parents were here. This is my first go at any kind of paper craft since my ATC phase in about 2007 and I'm rather pleased with it.
4. Owl socks - see below for more
5. Jasmine's cardigan
6. My hat - epic
7. Cat bag
8. Swatch holder from the online Colour course I did
9. Patch for one of my oldest tops made out of 1/3" hexagons.
10. Lucy Boston block for Jan
11. Mum's bling earrings - see below for more
12. Sian's bling ring - see below for more

I am not exactly an inactive blogger but it seems I've failed to blog about more than half of these which seems odd. Here are a few close ups of things. Jasmine's whale first.
Whale Patchwork in Progress
This is a kit from the washi paper shop which intrigued me as it uses the (patented) Easy Tuck! system.
Whale Patchwork in Progress
You stick printed stickers on the wrong side of the fabric, cut out your shapes, peel the sticker off the fabric and the board (which is pre-cut and also sticky) and pop the two together. You then stuff the ends into the gaps with some sort of purpose made thing I didn't buy, or a bodkin.
Whale Patchwork in Progress
My first attempt left a few loose threads tufting out but I always enjoy trying something new and this was a quick little project.

The other thing for Jasmine is a summer cardi which I knitted using some discounted red cotton from Yuzawaya.
Jasmine's Summer Cardi
The pattern is a free one from Knitty which you can find here. My other knitting feat was finally finishing the socks I'd been doing a row or two at a time on.
Owl sock close up
I used the free pattern 'Aquaphobia' which you can find here but omitted the cable. I think this is my third pair with this pattern which is a great one for hand painted yarn that you suspect is going to pool.

Finally, last month I made myself a blingy ring after seeing a sample at Kiwa in Asakasabushi. I took my Mum there and she loved it too, but wanted hers in white as earrings. She's a clip-on wearer so the availability of such things is limited. We bought the parts and...ta da!
Mum's Bling Earrings
When I made my ring I offered to make my sister one too but with more stars (she has a thing about stars). Hers is on the left, my original make is on the right.
Sian's Star Ring
I really like using the smaller elements together. Perhaps more of this bling will be appearing in the future!

Recent knitting leaves me without anything on the needles, other than a mass of UFOs of course but then we know those don't count. I will need to think of something since I have a 12.5 hour plane ride coming up when I return to the UK for a visit!

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