Sunday, 27 April 2014

Snippet from London

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My visit to the UK has not gone entirely as planned, completely down to the awful behaviour of my soon-to-be-but-not-soon-enough-ex-brother-in-law. I did spend a week supporting my sister and niece who have been horribly treated by him and I did then go to my Mum's and spend a few days there. That included *a lot* of cat stroking and the realisation that my Mum's cat has a really small head, which was odd. I also saw my cousin there and that was all lovely despite my Mum having broken her ankle.
IMG_2469(This isn't her - I just thought it was funny - although not for the woman obviously. I hope she made a full recovery and that the cat continues to be well rested.)
I met Pooch back at my sister's on Thursday and we headed to London on Friday where I saw a friend for lunch and all my old work colleagues in the evening for a proper old school pub session. Saturday started well with Pooch bringing me breakfast in bed and a lunch with Nickerjac and her husband as well as the irrepressible young'un who was on top form and such a wonderful boy. Sadly, en route to another friend's for tea before meeting a group for dinner, my stbbnseebil decided to tell my sister by email - copying me in - that he'd met someone else just a few weeks after walking out on her and their baby and she went to pieces. What a cock. So I am back here with her and will be until I leave to go back to Tokyo on Wednesday.
There are few plus points to all this, but it does mean I get to spend more time with Jasmine, who has decided one of her favourite things is being turned upside down. My arms are aching...I didn't have a hand free to picture that but I did catch Sian pretending she and Jasmine were running very fast earlier.  
Sian and Jasmine
She is such a lovely baby! And her Mum is such a strong person. It's going to be so hard to say goodbye to them both for a second time in just a few days.

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Ynot said...

All the best to your sister. I'm sure she's enduring hell right now but in the long run it's better to have that $&*#^ out of her life. She'll find someone who appreciates her! (when she's ready to move on.) And she has a lovely daughter.

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