Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Chinese Style

Yokohama is about 30 minutes from Tokyo and allegedly the largest Chinatown outside China. Pooch and I had been meaning to visit since we arrived and last weekend we finally made it.
Chinatown Sign
It is a place of many gates.
Also of places selling things covered in pandas.
Panda Shop
Panda Shop
Or just creepy animatronics of them in their doorways.
Creepy Mechanical Panda
Plus a man with a crab on his head.
Man with a Crab on his Head

We had a lovely time meandering past food stalls and trying the odd thing before settling on a restaurant for a very nice lunch.
Steam Buns
Jasmine Tea

There were some big boats in the harbour - a japanese navy boat you could look round and a huge cruise ship backing out of port.
There was also a doll museum which we didn't visit, but which reminded me of a book Natalie and I saw when we went craft shopping the other day. I was at the till and Natalie had picked it up to flick through. I saw her expression change and she showed me what she'd chanced upon. The book was A4 and very thick and was a step by step photographic how to make a realistic doll of a pre-pubescent girl. The age of the girl being indicated quite specifically by the genitals and breast area, both of which were shown being very carefully carved, sanded and polished. Very carefully. Very specifically. Very realistic looking doll. We backed away from the book.

A jaunt around the park finished our day off.
We headed back to Tokyo full of food and pleasantly cultured!

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l lessard said...

Love the guy with the crab on his head!

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