Sunday, 1 June 2014

Il Est Arrivé!

A couple of weeks ago I finished this lovely item.
Cat Quilt for Deb
It is roughly single bed sized and was not quilted since I wanted to leave it quite flexible and bouncy, plus not interfere with the texture of the fabrics. All of them are traditional japanese woven cottons with this lovely, soft, textured feel to them.
Cat Quilt for Deb Close Up
The binding was 3" strips of  leftovers. Can you see the blocks? They are like cat faces, with the ears of one shaping the chin of the next. I cut out rectangles for the faces then sewed squares to the corners. It all required a bit of planning to get the right ear patterns with the right faces. Then on the back...
Quilt Label
The back fabric was a thick cotton with this awesome cat pattern on it. I was so happy when I found it in Nippori - which I'll be doing a post about in the next day or two. It is the best place for fabric shopping and is where the cottons came from in the first place.

The quilt is now living in the French countryside where two cats kindly allow my cousin/big sister and her husband to live with them. Vive La France!

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