Thursday, 5 June 2014

May Makes

A busy month for crafting.
May Makes
The little shrink plastic charm that I blogged about here has had to be binned. I found some uv resin and globbed it on a little too enthusiastically and stuck it to the board I'd put it on to dry. In trying to detach it the thing snapped. Let's face it, it was doomed from the start. Shame really. Let us never talk of it again.

I don;t seem to have mentioned the coat hanger thingy. Inspired by pinterest, and the best way to store vest tops if you don't have any shelves. The s-hooks were sliding on the coat hanger until I wound some chunky novelty yarn around it, secured at each end with tape. Not exactly a beautiful item, but highly functional.

I didn't blog about the death star? That was Pooch's 10 year anniversary present from me and deserves to be seen in more detail...
Patchwork Deathstar Complete
Patchwork Deathstar Complete
Patchwork Deathstar Detail 1
Patchwork Deathstar Detail 2
Done all by EPP using the FREE pattern from Quirky Granola Girl. For her to give it away free makes her a nominee for blogger of the year in my book.

Lastly we have the 52 stars of the blue and white EPP quilt I am making for my parents. This is by no means the majority as I need another 70 or so and then there are all the joining hexagons and diamonds to add. I have most of them prepared so it is 'just' putting it all together now.
52 stars completed
It's been a learning curve because my Mum was with me when I bought many of the fabrics and I never would have chosen those cutesy animal prints for her.
Blue Patchwork stars
But she likes them so that is the main thing.

I have already been making in June so more to come on that once I've caught up with blogging about my adventures. I seem to have been at least a week behind for the last month or so.


jan said...

Wow! you have been pretty productive. I love Death Star and the coat hanger thingy and all the blue stars, esp the cutesy animals.
xo jan

l lessard said...

The Death Star is amazing. I am always in awe of quilting . . . :-)

What Ho Coz said...

The Cat Quilt is being put to very good use each evening, wrapped around my knees - despite temperatures reaching 32 degrees this week. It is SO soft and strokable I can't leave it alone. Maisie was fascinated by it when I first got it out - she spent half an hour just sniffing it, purring and burying her head in it; I think she recognised your scent. She adores you almost as much as we do!

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