Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Patchwork Distractions

There are various ups and downs here at present so to distract myself I have been going gung ho on this big'un.
zig zag quilt in progress 
That is a double mattress on its side that it is draped over, so you can tell that it is quite wide. And it was when I draped it there that I realised I had perhaps overestimated the number of blocks required.

I have always liked zig zag quilts but loath patchwork with triangles so loved this idea of working on the diagonal when I came across it on Pinterest. I was trying to think when I cut out the pieces, since this is a project I brought with me from the UK, at which time only about half the colour/white squares were sewn and trimmed to size. It turns out it was a year ago exactly give or take a couple of weeks. I linked to the tutorial in that post.
Fabric stash 
I can still remember making the colour piles out of all my fat quarters and looking at them against the green carpet. It would be clean only for a minute or two after I'd finished hoovering and then all the bits of thread would start accumulating again. I've been thinking about that flat a lot recently. I really liked it and felt very at home there. I recently downloaded a 'Home Sweet Home' pattern to make for a friend. It all makes you think.


Blue Moth said...

Sorry to hear about the "downs". This lovely quilt will be one of the "ups".

Iris said...

Sorry, I've been absent for a looong time now - I had a prolonged break from the blogging world due to work overload - but I wanted to pop in to say that the quilt is looking spectacular! Can't wait to see it when it's completely done.

Iris (http://thegreenonion.blogspot.co.uk/)

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