Sunday, 15 June 2014

Teacher Byrne

I had a meeting this week with the woman who organised the Yukata Classes. I had offered to teach classes on various sewing, knitting or crochet topics plus said we could use my flat for the lessons if it was on a weekday. Along she came to see my various creations and also check the flat was suitable.

I had laid out various projects on the dining table for her to see and she was immediately drawn to the metal frame purses.
She said traditional bags to go with Yukatas were often like this but larger with a handle - was it possible to make one of those?

Hmmm, hummmm, ummmm... I pondered. Oh hang on, I think I have some like that in the bedroom.
Two frame purse bags from my past
I had completely forgotten about these when I was selecting things to show her. Turns out this is exactly what she wanted. She particularly adored the patchwork one but I made it clear it would have to be a single fabric piece to get the workshop done in a day. So...I'll be teaching a metal frame handbag making workshop in July preceded by a shopping outing to Shinjuku for a frame and fabric for the lining and outer - to be chosen by the attendees using guidance from me. I am off there on Monday to scope out the prices of various bits so she can work out the costs of the class. Exciting!

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Ynot said...

Good luck teaching the class! I'm sure you'll be a hit!!

I've taught knitting at three Maker Faires here in NYC and especially at first it was MUCH harder than I imagined it would be! Very fun and satisfying, though. For sure!

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