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Handmade in Japan Fes 2014 Part 1

Last weekend was the amazing "Handmade in Japan Fes 2014" at Tokyo Big Sight. The building itself is astonishing.
Tokyo Big Sight, Odaiba
It reminds me of a scene in 'Men in Black' where Will Smith is told that the observation towers at Flushing Meadows Park in NY are actually the first spacecraft that landed on Earth that couldn't take off again.
Flushing Meadows Corona Park
Standing underneath it is fairly imposing.
Tokyo Big Sight, Odaiba
Tokyo Big Sight, Odaiba
The bit I was going to was in the basement and consisted of two huge exhibition halls full of, I would guess, 2000-3000 exhibitors. These were quality stands too with many vendors looking completely professional with very nicely designed tables. Prices were high - high enough for you to be sure these people had taken into account the time they had put into making these things - so my haul wasn't enormous even though I spent almost £60. However, it is all gorgeous stuff which I am very happy to have brought home.
From top left, clockwise, we have a kanzashi hair elastic, leather cat ring, knitted hair pin bows (kawaii!), blue leather button pin, wooden cat shapes and a more elaborate kanzashi hair slide. I also came back with 150+ photos and a huuuge stack of business cards which I have whittled down and combined below so you can see how I could easily have spent ten times what I did.

Mother Tree - screen printed t's, leggings and tights.
Mother Tree Screen Printed clothes - beautifully hand painted clothes for children and adults.
Goldfish handpainted clothes
Naoki Onogawa - the tiniest origami cranes you have ever seen turned into exquisite jewellery.
Origami Crane jewellery
Pampshade - bread products that are actually lamps. Yes. Lamps.
Bread Lamps
Machu Picchu - handmade shoes. Polka dot heaven! They run a one day workshop but it is in another part of Japan. But still...shoe making....
Polka Dot Shoes
Tsumami Kanoha: This lady is one severely talented Kanzashi maker. The second photo below is the clip that I bought. These were not cheap - and rightly so considering the work that goes into them. My clip was almost £20 so you can imagine how much those huge ones cost.
kanzashi hair clip
Gunyan Yanko: I've not seen anything like these before. Strips of leather with bendy metal inside that you wrap around your finger, wrist, pen, bag strap etc. The people on the stand were awesome too. The woman was uber enthusiastic and the man saw me coming and grabbed a little sign they'd made explaining what they were in english - and that each one is unique because they are all hand drawn. I bought a ginger cat ring.
Cat Shop Shrine
Tokimeki Gabriel: Mental stuff. Very kawaii and lolita but with a kind of sparkly-goth vibe too. It was all painted plastic so quite light. The owner is below in the red dress. The chess piece type things are about £25 each!
Altered Chess Pieces
Bat Rings
Polka Dot Lolita
Nekkosippo: Lovely handmade washi tape cabinets. This is also where I got the wooden cat shapes from.
Washi Tape Cabinet
Kato Koto Panda: This is silly stuff - light plastic models of pandas sandwiched in various foods, including sandwiches. Loads more photos at the link.
Panda Burgers
Koge Neko: Cat collars and....bandanas. Odd.
Zassou: An unusual combination of chemistry cartoon stickers/badges and things made from tiny felt nubs. My heart was with the stickers although I did walk away empty handed.
Science Badges
Deme Tyoubi: Amazing felted goldfish.
Japanese Fish
Tuan Tuan: Bags made from feedbags.
Tuan Tuan, Bags from Feedsacks
Kokechi: Kawaii! Similar to kokeshi dolls but specifically stylised. I had to buy the cat one below.
Little Figures
wooden cat
Mine is already part of cat village on the kitchen shelf.
cat corner
Matori: Interesting earrings, even for someone without pierced ears.
Chou Chou: Brooches made of fake succulent plants. Actually very pretty!
Succulent Brooches
Sai Design: Wire whatnots wrapped in silk.
Sai Design Jewellery
Placebo Parade Orchestra: Constellation and other finely made gold and silver jewellery.
Constellation Badges
Michicusa: To me, these look like broccoli florets. But then what do I know.
Brocolly in Resin
Yuki: Another kanzashi stall and where I got my hair band.
kanzashi hair band
Maito Parta: Oh my goodness I was tempted by the astronaut badges. But £25 each? I couldn't justify it.
Astronaut Badges
Number Zoo: Very simple concept - animals with numbers as part of their bodies. I loved the 8's!
Number Badges
Yuchitana: Very pretty hair spangles.
Hair Bands
Karate Gal: Very impressively embellished bags and purses.
Karate Gal bags

Tomorrow, more photos and the workshops!

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jan said...

WOW! Alex - that was awesome. I wouldn't have a penny left if I went there! I LOVE those goldfish. You know I had a Bonsai garden with a koi pond and miss it. And the Astromaut pin would have had to come home with me too. My daughter is an Astrophysics major so she would have loved that! So fun. love the kitty doll too.Hope you are doing well! xo jan

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